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Running a business requires a lot of time, money, and effort. It is a sensible move to protect your investments with a affordable business insurance plan that provides you with maximum coverage for your business. Business insurance should be an integral part of your business operations.

It can safeguard your business assets, your employees, and your livelihood. Get Insured Online helps you find the best business insurance plan by connecting you with local insurance providers in your area.

Types of Coverage

Get Insured Online provides you with an opportunity to find an affordable business insurance plan that benefits your business needs. Here are a few common types of insurance coverage that your business might require:

  1. Property Insurance

This insurance policy helps you in safeguarding your assets. The coverage of this plan includes your buildings, inventory, equipment, and other contents. This insurance plan is ideal for your business if you are running a storefront with a lot of inventory available.

  1. Liability Insurance

What kind of coverage is provided by liability insurance? In case of any visiting customer getting injured on your business location, general liability insurance protects your business in such cases. It also provides coverage for an attorney in case a customer is harmed by the use of your product or services and files a lawsuit against your business. In case if you are providing services that can potentially cause financial loss, general liability insurance keeps you covered.

Malpractice insurance is another type of liability insurance that is commonly used by medical professionals but can also be used by other professionals to aid in legal defense. This kind of insurance is a necessity if your business needs interaction with clients on a regular basis. 

  1. Commercial Auto

This insurance plan comes in handy when you want to avoid any auto claims denial by your agent because your vehicles are used for commercial purposes. It is important to have commercial auto insurance when you and your employees are running company-owned or personal vehicles in the scope of business.

  1. Workers Compensation

It provides coverage for medical and lost wages of workers arising from illness or injuries triggered by their work. Many states have enforced this as the state law, so you need to comply with the laws in those states.

  1. Business Interruption

It provides you with coverage when your business is interrupted by external factors. This helps in ensuring the continuity of your business is affected by the external factors.

  1. Disability Insurance

This insurance provides you with coverage in case of any disabling injuring or illness. There are several different income protection options available that protect you in such cases. 

  1. Health Insurance

Health insurance helps your business to provide coverage for health issues to your staff. It is now important to have a health insurance plan for your business after the implication of the federal affordable care act. 

  1. Life Insurance

Life insurance provides a safeguard to your family in case of untimely death. Many business loan providers also require you to have a life insurance plan to approve your loan. It is wise to have a life insurance plan either way.

  1. Key Person Insurance

This policy provides you with coverage to keep your business afloat, in case anything happens to your key person running the company. It protects your business and any income your family may receive from the continuation of your business after a fatal loss.

  1. Errors and Omissions Insurance

It is a type of liability insurance that protects a professional who gives advice or deliver services. It also provides an assurance to your customers that they are covered in case of any irregularity.

Four Steps To Get Affordable Business Insurance

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