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Are you a fan of a motorcycle and enjoy riding your bike for recreational activities? Motorcycles are widely popular within the United States for recreational activities as people don’t tend to use it as a utility, unlike many other countries. With legislation, many of the states in the United States have made a law to enforce motorcycle insurance. On average it costs $702 per year for motorcycle insurance with a variation of up to 250%. Get Insured Online helps you find an affordable motorcycle insurance plan that suits your needs.

When buying a bike, it is a great idea to get an affordable insurance plan to safeguard your asset and yourself in case of any accidents. Get Insured Online helps you in finding a suitable plan that provides you with maximum coverage for your motorcycle at the lowest prices within your area. An affordable motorcycle insurance plan provides you with ease of mind and you can enjoy your recreational activities to its fullest.

Why Use Get Insured Online To Find A Motorcycle Insurance Plan

We're your advocate. We work with hundreds of affordable motorcycle insurance providers to give the best options available.

Well Established

Get Insured Online has helped thousands of individual find the the right affordable motorcycle insurance plan.

Plan Selection

With hundreds of motorcycle insurance providers in our network, you will have the option to choose the best plan that works for you.

Agent Support

We provide guidance through the process. Get advice from more than 100 licensed motorcycle insurance providers at no cost or obligation to enroll.

More Information On Motorcycle Insurance

Why do you need motorcycle insurance?

You might be required to have an insurance plan for your motorcycle by the state laws that you live in. But, it is always wise to have an insurance plan even if it’s not required by the law. A motorcycle insurance plan provides you with multiple benefits.

  • Theft Coverage
  • Accidental Coverage
  • Bodily Injury Protection.
  • Property Damage Coverage
  • Medical Coverage
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage

How your motorcycle impacts insurance rates?

Insurance companies make sure to verify all your motorcycle parameters before setting your insurance rates. The insurance rates can differ depending on functions available in your bike. Common bike types are:

  • Cruising
  • Sports
  • Touring

Cruising bikes have the lowest rate of insurance among the three different types. However, Sports bikes incur most charges in insurance despite the engine capacity. 

The other important factors that insurance companies consider apart from the type of bike includes:

Motorcycle value: Insurance companies generally charge you more to insure your bike if you have an expensive motorbike.

Bike Safety: Bikes with features like an anti-lock braking system usually attract less amount of insurance rates due to their safety features.

Crash Rate: If your motorbike model is involved in more accidents, the insurance companies might increase the insurance rate considering the factor that you are more likely to file a claim.

Theft Rate: Flashy and expensive bikes attract more charges for comprehensive insurance as they are more likely to be stolen.


More Information Regarding Motorcycle Insurance

Which states have the cheapest motorcycle insurance rates?

Insurance rates differ from state to state within the US. The five states that have the lowest insurance rates in the United States are as follow:

  1. North Dakota: $382 per year.
  2. Iowa: $414 per year.
  3. Wyoming: $439 per year.
  4. Nebraska: $469 per year.
  5. South Dakota: $472 per year.

Which states have the highest motorcycle insurance rate?

The average insurance cost for a motorcycle in the United States is $702 per year. However, these five states have the highest insurance rate in the following order:

  1. California: $1,360 per year.
  2. Louisiana: $1,175 per year.
  3. Michigan: $1,083 per year.
  4. New York: $969 per year.
  5. Arizona: $935 per year.

Why choose Get Insured Online to shop for an affordable motorcycle insurance plan?

Get Insured Online is one of the leading service providers within the United States. What makes us special is our diversified portfolio and affiliation with hundreds of affordable insurance providers nationwide. Here is why you should choose Get Insured Online:

  • Quick Assistance.
  • Wide-spread network.
  • 24/7 Availability.
  • Cheap Insurance rates.
  • Great Customer Support.
  • Exclusive Discounts.
  • Reliable and Maximum coverage plans.

Are you looking for an affordable motorcycle insurance plan? Get in contact with us today and we will help you find the right deal with maximum coverage.

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