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Medicare insurance is provided to people over the age of 65 years and people with specific disabilities. Get Insured Online can help you find affordable Medicare insurance to meet your needs. There are two types of Medicare insurance available for you to choose from. It’s the coverage service where the government directly pays to your Medicare providers on the claim for Medicare. Then it is further divided into two parts.

Part A covers in-patient care in hospitals that include trained nursing facilities, hospital care services, and home care services. If you have paid the premium for Medicare while doing a job, it is not required for you to pay a monthly premium for covering Part A.

Part B contains coverage for some medical necessities, for example, Doctor’s service, Outpatient care, and so on. For these services, you pay a monthly premium to cover these services in Medicare insurance.

Why Use Get Insured Online To Find a Medicare Insurance Plan?

We're your advocate. We work with hundreds of Medicare insurance plan providers to give the best options available.

Well Established

Get Insured Online has helped thousands of individual find the the right medicare plan.

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With hundreds of medicare insurance providers in our network, you will have the option to choose the best plan that works for you.

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We provide guidance through the process. Get advice from more than 300 licensed medicare insurance agents at no cost or obligation to enroll.

What are the different types of Medicare Advantage plans?

Medicare Advantage is offered by private companies that have been approved by Medicare. It is also referred to as Medicare Part C or MA plans. The original Medicare insurance part A and Part B are taken care of in Medicare advantage. Still, it is needed to understand that all Medicare Advantage plans do not work in the same way, and may require referrals to consult a specialist. There are various Medical Advantage plans available that are expressed below.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

Health maintenance organizations need you to have health care services from a stated network of medical professionals. In other words, its HMO wants you to have your choice of doctors and limits you to it. For a specialist (if necessary), it may require a reference from a primary care physician.

Preferred provider organization (PPO)

The preferred provider organization plan gives you more choices for the medical professional. If your consultation is with a doctor that is not in the network, then the cost would be higher.

Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)

In this plan, the choice of consulting doctors out of the network is declined. Unless the cost of the physician is not covered in the health insurance policy, you may not need a referral from a primary care physician.

Point of service plan

In this kind of plan, you are provided with some flexibility towards selecting a doctor. It covers both HMO and PPO plans. A primary care physician would be assigned, who can refer to the network of practitioners, and the cost is covered under it. If you get a consultation from a doctor, outside the network, you may pay the cost out of your pocket.

Catastrophic plan

If you are under the age of 30 years, then this plan can be applied to you. It has a lower premium and needs a minimum of three visits to primary health care physician before any deduction starts.

High deductible health plan

The benefit of this plan with a health savings account is that you can keep some amount aside at times into the account to pay for your healthcare requirements. So that when your healthcare is not covering your expenses, you have this account as a safety measure.

Private Fee for Service plans (PFFS)

A Medicare PFFS is a kind of Medical Advantage Plan (plan C), which is offered by private insurance companies. They are not the same as Original Medicare and determines how much it will pay to the doctors, health care providers, and hospitals and how much you pay upon getting care.

Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA)

To cover your health care, Medicare operates with several private insurance companies. The sole purpose of such action is to provide ways and options to you. These insurance companies may select to offer customer directed Medicare advantage plan, also called an MSA plan. MSA is further subdivided into two plans.

High deductible: The first plan is a type of plan, which is offered by the private insurance companies that have a contract with Medicare. This plan only starts when you have reached a high year deductible.

Special MSA: It is a special kind of savings account and MSA deposits amount in your savings account that you can use to pay your health care cost before reaching deductibles.

Are you looking for a cheap Medicare insurance for yourself or family, get in contact with us today.

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