car insurance questions

What questions do car insurance companies ask?

car insurance questions

When you apply for auto insurance, the car insurance provider will expect you to answer a long list of application questions. These questions help car insurance companies to determine if you’re a good candidate for their insurance products, and to get accurate rates.

The following are the common questions that car insurance companies ask:

  1. What kind of vehicle do you drive?

Vehicles are not insured at the same rate; hence a car insurance provider will need to know the vehicle’s year, make, model, safety rating, and repair costs to determine accurate rates.     

  1. How much do you drive?

This question is designed primarily to determine the amount of risk you pose to the car insurance company. The more time you spend on the road each year, the more you’re likely to get into a wreck. 

  1. What is the primary use of your vehicle?

Auto insurers ask this question to determine the number of miles you rack up per year. A vehicle used for commuting to and from work or business is perceived to be at a higher risk of getting into a wreck than one that sits in a parking lot most of the time.  

  1. How many speeding tickets have you had in the last 5 years? 

For car insurance companies, speeding tickets prove that you could present a higher accident risk. One speeding ticket could increase your car insurance rates by 15%. 

  1. How many accidents have you had in the last 3-5 years? 

For car insurance companies, multiple at-fault accidents prove that one is a risky driver. Multiple accidents definitely increase insurance premiums. 

  1. What is your occupation? 

Certain jobs are correlated with fewer claims, which results in lower premiums while some jobs such as delivery driver, bouncer, and musician are perceived to be a higher risk to the insurance provider.

  1. Have you made any claims on your car insurance policy?

 If so, it’s a risk to the insurer as you’re more likely to file more claims. The more claims you’ve made, the higher the rates.

  1. What’s the highest level of education you’ve completed? 

Car insurance providers use educational level to determine pricing.  Someone with a bachelor’s degree or above will pay lower premiums as compared to high school dropouts. 

  1. Are you married? 

Your marital status helps the car insurance provider to determine how risky you are. Auto insurers view married drivers as more reserved and responsible when operating their vehicle. On the other hand, single drivers are perceived to be more reckless behind the wheel, hence their premiums are likely to be higher.

  1. How many drivers are in your household? 

Auto insurers ask this question to establish the level of risk if other licensed household drivers will drive the vehicle. If there are less experienced drivers in a household, the premiums tend to be higher. 

  1. Are you a homeowner?

If you own a home or townhome, you could Auto Insurance qualify for a homeowners’ discount on your car insurance. 


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